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Chesapeake Virginia is a beautiful quiet place to live. There are many parks and other events designed for families. One big event in Chesapeake that only comes around once a year is the Chesapeake Jubilee. The Chesapeake Jubilee is a large event that is full of fun for the entire family.

There are also some awesome local recreational parks in Chesapeake Virginia such as Chesapeake City Park and Oak Grove Lake Park. Chesapeake, VA is a wonderful place to live accept for the family court system. The Chesapeake family courts are very corrupt and they destroy many lives daily.

Aquashield Roofing has completed many roofing projects in the city of Chesapeake Virginia. Our roofers have done many roof repairs and have installed many new roofs in neighborhoods off of Sanderson Rd, Fentress Airfield Rd, Dominion Blvd, Great Bridge Blvd, Greenbrier Rd, Battlefield Blvd and South Military Highway.

Aquashield Roofing greatly appreciate all of our clients in Chesapeake Virginia. Some residential homeowners have problematic roof leaks while others are just looking to upgrade with a new shingle roof. There are many homes in the city of Chesapeake that still are in need of repair. Call us if you have any problems with your roof, we can fix it the right way, the way that it is supposed to be done. If your home is located in 23320, 23323, 23324 or 23325, call us to get a free roof estimate on your residential home or commercial building.


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Are you thinking about getting a residential reroof in Chesapeake, Virginia? Do you need roof leak repair services? Well if the answer is yes; we sell only top of the line roofing products and also we provide residential roofing services for a very reasonable price. When your roof is leaking the last thing that you need is a big hassle. You just want a good honest job for a fair price without the frustration of high pressure sales tactics.


Flat roofs are designed for only low sloped roofing products. Flat roofs can always be problematic especially without proper drainage. Flat roofers install roofing systems on low sloped roofers that usually will hold or puddle rain water unless tapered insulation is also installed. There are many different types of low sloped membranes available in the roofing industry from EPDM rubber membrane roofing to TPO membrane roofing. Another Important factor for flat roofers is making sure that there is proper roof drainage and allowing a way for water to escape to prevent ponding areas. Ponding water can wear down layers of the flat roofing membrane or also compromise the flat roofing system. Flat roofs require a specialist with lots of hands own experience.


TPO Roofing Membrane (Thermoplastic Polyolefin) is single-ply roofing flat roofing material that can be installed by using the fully adhered system, mechanically fastened system, or using a ballasted system. A TPO membrane system is used on low sloped Commercial flat roofs systems and low sloped residential flat roofs. Our roofing company has installed multiple TPO roofs in Hampton Roads. Just like EPDM rubber roofing, many roofing companies will mechanically attach a TPO thermoplastic system just as some roofing contractors will mechanically fasten an EPDM Rubber roof. A TPO roof is easier to rely on a mechanically fastened roof system because it is stronger and more durable. TPO very strong and tear-resistant and it can withstand large hurricanes. However, I have seen many TPO roofing membranes and PVC roofing membranes on flat roofs in the 757 that were mechanically fastened. They will not blow off like a mechanically attached EPDM rubber roof will but they will leak!

A Mechanically attached TPO roof or PVC membrane roof will always be able to move from up drafting just like a mechanically fastened EPDM rubber roof. This constant moving and pulling over 10 years will separate seams and flashing even though TPO flat roofing is very strong and versatile. Other roofing contractors in Chesapeake, VA are not too bright if they were to mechanically fastened any flat roof with the high winds and strong storms that come our way. Many flat roofer just see the dollar sign and believe in some way that's It's a quality roofing job. TPO and PVC roofing repairs around Chesapeake, VA are tricky because mismatch brands are not compatible and will not weld together. TPO Roofing membrane and PVC Roofing Membrane are also not compatible and will not heat weld together.

TPO membrane roofing is a low sloped roofing system that lasts a very long time and that is very durable. It will withstand severe storms. TPO membrane reflects UV rays and is mold resistant. Our TPO roofing services are top notch and we only install TPO using the fully adhered method. We install TPO on both commercial and residential properties.


EPDM rubber roofing membrane is a common flat roof that is installed by multiple roofing contractors. It's a very lightweight commercial and residential flat roofing product. Flat roofs are very common and the demand for flat roof repairs are high!

EPDM Rubber roofing is a single-ply roofing material that's easy to install and its cheaper than installing TPO roofing membrane or PVC roofing membrane.

A EPDM rubber roof is easy to repair and there are generally allot of leaks on EPDM rubber roofs however It's usually caused by roofers that practice poor workmanship methods rather the roofing product itself.

There are there ways or methods to install a EPDM rubber roof, either a ballasted which is a roofing system that requires tons and tons of gravel river rock to be spread out on top of the EPDM rubber roof to weigh down and to fasten the EPDM rubber roofing system. The gravel also protects the EPDM rubber roof by reflecting harmful UV rays.

It's very common for roofers to install a mechanically attached EPDM rubber roofing system. I have seen it countless times installed using this method. This is a faulty system and it will blow off or start leaking very soon. Roofing contractors will install a mechanically attached EPDM rubber roof system because It's a much cheaper route to take. It saves on buying buckets of oil base bonding adhesive which runs around one hundred dollars a bucket. It also saves time and on labor. Its fast an easy but just about EPDM rubber roof that has been installed with this method will soon require a rubber roof repair. On a mechanically attached EPDM rubber roofing system only the seams on the roof are fastened with screws and plates or a termination bar that is also known as bat bar or batting bar. This is a roof that can blow off!!.


The residential roofing industry has changed in a big way. Roofing Warranties have gotten much better and there are many options as far as color, style and overall residential shingle quality for optimal life expectancy. The residential roofing product line is much more robust than it was a few years ago. GAF has announces a residential roofing shingle that gets attention from homeowners. It's called American Harvest, a residential architectural shingle with vivid uniquely blended colors that are outside the norm. The color blend on these terrific shingles broadcast an array of uniqueness on your home. Just about any homeowner is overjoyed when this brand of residential roofing shingle is installed on their roof.

As one of the most trusted residential roofing contractors in Chesapeake, VA, Aquashield Roofing only installs the GAF residential roofing product line. One reason being is to ensure that a long lasting quality roof system will be installed on your residential home. This will guarantee you're your newly installed residential roofing system will be impervious to harsh weather conditions while also keeping your beloved family dry and far away from the nature' elements.

GAF provides some of the best roofing products in the residential roofing industry. Their warranties and product are above the charts. They also provide incentives and give away prizes to residential roofing companies. If you contract for a new GAF residential roof system to be installed on your home your roof will have a lifetime coverage warranty. If you have a high wind storm slam into your residential home or place of residence than you are entitled to make a claim through the residential roofing contractor that originally installed the GAF residential shingles. GAF Material Corporation will respond to the call by having a representative meet your residential roofing shingle installer at your home. You can also make a residential warranty claim if in anyway the roofing products are defective or if they are worn out prematurely causes your roof to lose its expected life expectancy.


You may find a roof leak in your home when the next storm visits you. If you're a homeowner than you know the feeling when something goes wrong that could cost you allot of paychecks. With the threat of mold growth over time you need to make sure that you check your home for any moisture from harsh weather conditions.

With extreme hot, cold, ice, wind and server storms attacking the roof on your home on an ongoing basis there is will be a potential problem. The funny thing is that many do not even think about their roof until it rains. You should always have your roof checked and see it the roofing material is getting old or worn out, If so you may find yourself in a bad situation or you make just need some simple roof repairs. To save money homeowners will sometimes jump the gun and hire Jack's brother or Tim's nephew because they say they are roofers. They will not charge much however you could be throwing money down the tubes or you could make the roof leak even worse than before. This is why Aquashield Roofing Company is here to lend a hand when problems of that nature arise! We are experienced with all types of roof repairs and new roof replacements.

Many homeowners that contact us have already contacted three or four local roofing contractors in Chesapeake. Attempts were made and sometimes made the situation worse with caked on tar applied or trying to repair a roof leak in the wrong area based on a poor analysis. Sometimes in a roof leak can be hard to find and locate. Rainwater can run just about anywhere in many directions. Most of the time an experienced roofer will not have to guess based on that most roof leaks are similar in nature and chances are the roofer has seen the exact cause of the roof leak many times before with maybe a few different circumstances.

A quality roof leak repair can be done if you choose the right roofing contractor. Roofing is a trade that requires experience and taking pride in your work. In other words caring about what you do for a living. Many roofers often are after your wallet rather than helping you solve a problem. The thought of building a reputation with our community is sometimes forgotten by allot of roofing companies.

A roof repair must be analyzed thoroughly to find the correct nature of the problem and for the good reason that the weather can become severe during the summer months.

Sometimes when examining a roof that may need a roof repair there are circumstances where a roofer can overlook the true cause of the roof leak. A proper close study of the current condition of the roof is one of the important factors when solving a roof related problem. Your roofing shingles maybe old, torn or blown off. Your flat roof may have holes or it is trapping water and not allowing it to drain properly.

There are many roofing contractors and one of the most difficult decisions can be to choose a worthy roofing company with the roofing knowledge and experience to provide you with the most trusted roof repair option on your home. At Aquashield roofing we have worked on many different types of roofing systems from residential shingle roofing to commercial flat roofs. Our roofers are from Hampton Roads and they are loyal to their trade by developing a strong skill set and taking pride to the next level throughout their careers in the roofing industry. At Aquashield Roofing we acknowledge roof repairs as not just a roof leak like some roofing contractors do. Our roofers see a leaky roof as a problem that needs to be solved which can protect your home and your family.

There are times when roof repairs cannot be engaged, one reason maybe that your existing roofing system on your home maybe in dire need of a new roof replacement. You can be sure that Aquashield Roofing Company wants to ensure that your roofing system will last for many years while shielding and protecting your home. We offer free estimates on roof repairs on many different types of roofing systems and new roof replacements at a price that you can afford.

Commercial roof repairs are different than residential roof repairs just as commercial roof replacements and also commercial new roof installations are a different animal compared to residential roof repairs or residential roof replacements. Both have their own selected skillset in the project field. Commercial roof repairs require a commercial roofing company to usually scope a vast area for roof leaks. However with technology growing there are high tech tools that have been created to find moisture intrusions.

If you're having a roof related problem and you need a roofing company that is on a different level than many other roofing contractors then call the best roofer in the industry, contact Aquashield Roofing for a good wholesome experience. 757-553-5191


If you have a flat roof with no gravel or a rusted metal roof you make want to think to get a roof evaluation furthermore you may need to preserve the life of the roof by having a roof coating system installed. There are many roof coating systems that come with warranties for an additional fee.

Many flat roof systems installed years ago have no reflectivity. Like smooth surface torch down modify. They did pretty much always sell torch down with reflective granules however many of the roofers wanted to make as much money as they could so they would pick up the cheapest stuff they could find to install. It seems like a lot of homeowners were not educated about roofing materials as they are now. An asphalt roof that does not have any UV reflectivity will soon wear and turn brittle by the sun. Most flat roofs that are made out of asphalt require regular roof maintenance on a scheduled period very year. Whether it is cleaning out the Drains or checking for faulty seams.

I am a strong believer in fibered aluminum coating because it bonds very well and then moves like water to seal any cracks or holes that you normally cannot see. The main problem with aluminum coating is that most roofers will not stir it correctly or apply it thick enough. Stirring aluminum coating is a chore within itself especially in the cooler weather. There are many very expensive roofing coating systems. Elastomeric coating with last much longer than aluminum coating however on certain roof membranes they do not bond well no matter how much you clean and prep. Also, many of them are water base which as a roofer that's hard to trust. Sealoflex has some oil base coatings called Sealoflex CT. Each roof coating system has its own specs and requirements for each product. The good thing about Elastomeric coatings is that they have warranties that can be purchased that are backed by a big corporation. The warranties offer peace of mind but you must install the roof coating system correctly and there usually is a final inspection involved. Nowadays there are many different types of roof coating systems.


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Jason C, Chesapeake ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

Roof Repair Services Provider in Chesapeake Testimonial Aquashield Roofing provided me with the best value and did everything that they explained in detail. I am satisfied with the work that was done and the entire process. Skilled Roof Replacement in Chesapeake Testimonial

Sam J, Chesapeake ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

Aquashield Roofing put on my new roof in Chesapeake, VA My roof had three layers of shingles on it with plank decking. The roofers had a hard time removing all of those layers but they did not stop. They constantly worked until the job was done. I have already recommended Aquashield Roofing to a friend of mine. Testimonial Roofing Services

Kelly R, Chesapeake ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

Storm Damage To My Roof in the City of Chesapeake Testimonial My chimney was leaking so I called Aquashield Roofing. They reflashed my chimney and now I do not have to worry about it ever again. Residential Roofing Services Testimonial

David V, Chesapeake ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

Roof Leak Repair By Roofers Located in Chesapeake, Virginia Testimonial Aquashield Roofing replaced a large flat roof on my commercial building. They did a good job and the roof looks great. Flat Roof Installation Residential Roofing Testimonial

Steve W, Chesapeake ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

Missing Shingle Damage Repair in Chesapeake Testimonial I had a large hole in my roof and some tree damage. After I got the money from my insurance company I hired Aquashield Roofing to repair my plywood and shingles. Everything went as planned. Roofing Contractor Services Testimonial

Richard G, Chesapeake ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

Roof Estimate around Chesapeake, VA Roof Repair Excellent company! I will use them again in the future. Chesapeake Testimonial About a Residential Roofing By Project Aquashield Roofing


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