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Aquashield Roofing is proud to serve clients in Norfolk, Virginia. Aquashield Roofing has provided residential and commercial roofing services such as new shingle roof replacements, flat roof installations, and roof repair services for many years in the Norfolk, Virginia region and beyond. No matter what your roofing issues are, Aquashield Roofing is here to help you. Our specialty is in residential roof repair, and new roof replacement systems. We service clients in the Norfolk region in zip codes such as 23502, 23503, 23508, 23509, 23510, 23513, and 23517, to name a few areas. If your roof has gone bad from age or poor workmanship, Aquashield Roofing can provide a positive experience. Choosing to address your roof early can save you thousands of dollars. A roof repair on your residential home can cost only half the price of replacing your entire roof and extended the life of your roof for many more decades.

Whether you close to Ocean View Beach Park, Lafayette Park, Norfolk State University, or downtown, there are many things to do in Norfolk, Virginia. You could take a trip to the beach and visit the Ocean View Fishing Pier or travel to the Ghent Historic District to get a blast from the past. We love working with our clients in Norfolk, Virginia, helping them to focus on their strategy by servicing their residential roofs so they can keep their attention on their business of life. We are client-driven, offering exceptional service on a multitude of high-quality projects. We offer free residential roofing quotes to any businesses within Norfolk, Virginia, and the surrounding region, give us a call at (757) 553-5191 to talk to one of our roofing experts today.

In 2017, Norfolk, VA had a population of 246k people with a median age of 30.4 and a median household income of $47137.

Norfolk, VA is known for the vast military bases such as Naval Station Norfolk. We have provided residential roofing services for many military clients over the years. We appreciate your service to our country and we offer only the best customer experience for your next roofing project in Norfolk, Virginia. Whether your business is located in bustling Downtown Norfolk near the Norfolk Scope Arena, or nestled on the beach near the ever-popular Northside Park, Aquashield Roofing is here to help you with your roofing problems.


  • 23502 (36.855247,-76.21233)
  • 23503 (36.942947,-76.2547)
  • 23504 (36.859362,-76.27028)
  • 23505 (36.913147,-76.28444)
  • 23507 (36.864047,-76.29947)
  • 23508 (36.886447,-76.30065)
  • 23509 (36.880297,-76.2596)
  • 23510 (36.852547,-76.29028)
  • 23513 (36.888147,-76.23909)
  • 23517 (36.870197,-76.29271)
  • 23518 (36.916497,-76.21796)
  • 23523 (36.830936,-76.27354)



Our standing goal is to build a phenomenal local roofing contractor personal relationship with all of our customers serving Norfolk, Virginia. There are a bunch of local roofing companies in Norfolk, Virginia that can be found with a simple search on Google using the keywords "roofer near me" and so we try to separate our local roofing company from the bunch by caring about the work and our local commercial and residential roofing customers. We do this by paying attention to all of the little details to make sure that our roof repairs and new roofing systems DO NOT leak!


Aquashield Roofing provides a variety of roofing services including new residential shingle roof replacements. Asphalt fiberglass shingles are the most installed roof system on residential homes across the Norfolk, Virginia area. Residential roofing systems are much different than commercial roof systems. When most residential homes are built, the builder will usually use a low grade three tab roofing shingle with a brand name that is almost unheard of. The shingles never last more than fifteen to twenty years and they start to crack and swell up. With the high winds that we get in the Norfolk area, often the shingles on residential homes start blowing off causing water damage. These low grade 3-tab shingle roof systems are always problematic because of a low quality brand name along with poor workmanship. Many new construction home builders will use the cheapest materials that they can find and search for cheap unqualified roofers that take shortcuts to get the job done quickly.


Our roofers are professionally trained in fixing leaky roofs and doing roof leak repairs in the Norfolk, Virginia region on a daily basis. We first take a look at what needs to be done to resolve your roof leak problem on your residential home. Several situations may cause a leaky roof. Some of the most common roof problems are skylights, roofing flashing, chimney flashing, roof valleys, missing shingles, and pipe boot deterioration. Pipe boots also are known as pipe collars which deteriorate over time from UV sun rays. Unfortunately it is common for a skylight to leak due to poor workmanship and poorly trained roofers or the lack of hands-on roofing knowledge. We do a large number of roof leak repairs about every time a storm rolls through Norfolk, VA. Some roof leaks can be awful and cause a great deal of damage. Unforeseen roof leaks that go unnoticed will create a great deal of harmful mold growth. The roof leak then becomes a much larger project which may lead to a large mold remediation job.

There are many times of different roofing systems on roofs in Norfolk, VA. From residential to commercial, roofs also come in different shapes, styles and various slopes. The pitch of a roof can decide what type of roof system options you will have. When roof repairs need to be done, first the type of roof system must be identified along with the brand of the current roof system so that compatible roofing materials can be used during the roof repair. A steep-sloped roofing system may require a roof repair to be made with a steep-sloped product such as shingles or tile roofing. A flat roof will require low sloped roofing materials or membranes to be used. There are many different types of roofs and roofing systems, each roof must be evaluated before any roof repair.


Roof repairs can be tricky if you do not have much experience with locating roof leaks and use the correct specifications and techniques to repair a roof properly. Many homeowners will try to repair a roof themselves to save some money however this is not always the best Idea. If you just slow down a leak using tar or caulk it may give the homeowner the thought that he or she has repaired the roof and have them look the other way. When what has happened, the leak was just slowed down and was not stopped. This can cause much more damage and harmful mold over time because the roof leak is still ongoing and neglected. Its much better to call a roofing contractor who can evaluate the problem correctly, locate the source, and cause of the roof leak whether it may be storm damage related or just from bad workmanship caused by a previous roofer.

Our company offers high quality roofing services that will keep you at peace. Our roofers do not use high pressure sales tactics or slam you with outrageous prices like some roofing companies. Aquashield Roofing uses only high grade roofing products along with some awesome workmanship warranties. Call us now for your free no hassle estimate.


  • Skylight Flashing Repairs
  • Roof Leak Repairs
  • Shingle Roof Repair
  • Valley Repairs
  • Flat Roof Repairs
  • Storm Repairs
  • Slate Repairs
  • Rubber Roof Repairs
  • Cedar Shingle Repairs
  • Roof Leak Repair
  • Residential Roof Leak Repairs
  • Commercial Roof Leak Repairs
  • Roof Leak Analysis
  • New Flat Roof Replacements
  • Shingle Roof Replacements


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Zack T, Ghent Area, Norfolk ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

Roof Repair Norfolk Testimonial Aquashield Roofing fixed my roof after other so called roofers messed everything up and made things much worse. Jeff came out and knew exactly how to resolve my problem. I will recommend Aquashield Roofing to all of my friends and coworkers. New Roof Replacement Residential Roofing Testimonial

Janice Stewart, Oceanview, Norfolk ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

Aquashield Roofing Services in Norfolk, VA I had a new roof installed by Aquashield Roofing and it was a very pleasant experience. I can sleep good at night knowing that my roof will last for decades. This is a very good roofing company to work with. Testimonial Roofing Service

George A, Norfolk ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

Roof Leak Repair Norfolk Testimonial Aquashield Roofing repaired my missing shingles like it was nothing. I have a very scary steep roof and the guy that repaired my roof was like spiderman. They did a wonderful job. New Roof Installation Residential Roofing Testimonial

Harold Butts, Norfolk Virginia ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

Free Roofing Estimates Norfolk, VA Aquashield Roofing is a very easy roofing contractor to work with. They have the skills to do the job on time and for a price that fits the budget of the average joe. Aquashield Roofing Testimonial


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