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Aquashield Roofing has roofers that understand the value of your home and your belongings. We treat every job with the utmost importance. We leave no room for mistakes. All of our jobs are inspected and supervised taking note of every detail to ensure that you are protected from the weather. Whether you live by Sentara Obici Hospital, Lone Star Lakes Park, Nansemond Pkwy, Driver, the Suffolk Executive Airport, the Suffolk Farmers Market or the Suffolk Historic District in downtown chances are that we have completed many projects near your local area.

Suffolk is an independent city in the Commonwealth of Virginia. As of the 2010 census, the population was 84,585. It is the largest city in Virginia by boundary land area as well as the 14th largest in the country. These facts show that there are many who are in need of services from a good roofing contractor. Many of the homes in Suffolk, Virginia are older houses in historic areas. There will always be a bad roof to replace or a roof leak to repair. Aquashield Roofing has worked on many residential roofs and commercial flat roofs in the city of Suffolk, VA. We have installed many new roofs off of State Route 32 and Route 58 / Holland Road. If you live in the 23432, 23433, 23434, 23435, 23436, or 23437 Zip Code areas then we can provide you with a free estimate on any new roof replacement or roof repair.

Due to severe storms, our roofing company has done many roof repairs in Driver. The area of Driver in the city of Suffolk is a nice place to visit. It has that small-town feel and people that live in the area are very friendly. Driver is a neighborhood in the independent city of Suffolk, Virginia, United States. It is located at the junction of State Route 337, State Route 125, and State Route 627.

The city of Suffolk is known for the Peanut Festival event which takes place every year. 2020 marks the 43rd Anniversary of Suffolk, Virginia's premier festival.

If you live in Suffolk, Virginia and are looking to get a new roof or need any services from a local roofing contractor then contact Aquashield Roofing at 757-553-5191.


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High-quality residential roof leak repair services are provided to you without the hassle of a high-pressure salesman coming to your door. Other companies that offer roof repair services will charge you outrageous prices and they may lack the professional customer service that Aquashield Roofing can provide. We always get it right the first time and stop roof leaks in their tracks. To provide quality roof leak repair services the person that comes to your home must be an experienced roofer and not just a salesman. Without the proper residential roofing service experience, the person who inspects your roof cannot evaluate the roof repair problem correctly. This may even cause you to spend more money down the road at a later time. When you are a company that provides roof repair services you must get it right the first time. When you are frustrated by a roof leak the last thing that you need is a high-cost residential roof leak repair service that does not solve the problem.


If you have a chimney roofing leak then you need a local roofer who specializes in chimney flashing repair. A roof repair expert company such as Aquashield Roofing. Chimney roof leak repairs by a well-experienced company that knows how to flash a chimney properly by cutting reglets in the mortar joints and folding the counterflashing metal properly into the mortar joints about a half-inch to three-quarters of an inch. Chimney roofing contractors all know that this is the right way to fix chimney roof leak repairs but many will try to take shortcuts. Also, another important step is to wrap the corners with the step flashing properly and have a wide metal backpan to go up under the roofing system on the top area of the chimney frame.

A chimney can be made out of stone, mortar, brick, steel, or wood and each type can be very different from another. A chimney can often leak. One reason is that masonry chimneys adsorb the rainwater and if the moisture accumulates enough than the wetness can make its way inside your home. Other reasons are old deteriorated chimney flashing and one of the most common reasons is poor workmanship. In some cases, you have to build and frame a cricket so that water does not stay trapped behind the chimney. In some cases, you have to build and frame a cricket so that water does not stay trapped behind the chimney. A cricket will keep the rainwater from puddling up behind the chimney and back up under your shingles or current roofing system.

There are not that many roofers who really know how to flash a chimney properly. There are many roofing companies who just want their roofers to get the chimney flashing job done as fast as possible. Flashing a chimney takes time and it is a slow process to do it the correct way. You must cut into the mortar joints of the brick to flash a chimney the proper way. The metal roofing flashing must go inside the mortar joints at least a half of an inch. Many roofers will not cut into the brick while flashing a chimney, they will just simply cut the roofing flashing even with the mortar joints and depend on caulk alone to keep the chimney from leaking. This method is known as a fast improper way to flash a chimney and unfortunately, this method is very common.

Roof leaks plaque many homeowners. Roof leaks and damage to your roof can be caused by many different reasons. Roof leaks can cause serious damage to your home. `It is important to address the roof leaks as soon as possible. Sometimes people neglect the need for a roof repair. This causes a health hazard in some cases due to unexpected mold growth. This can also cause a great deal of unforeseen damage to your home. Your roof should always keep your home dry and moisture-free.

Every roof is questionable whether it can be repaired due to many factors. If the roof is too old instead of a roof repair you may have to replace your existing roof. There are many different types of roofing systems that require certain specific roofing products to repair your roof correctly. You may need cedar shake shingle repair, shingle roof repair, slate tile repairs or you may have a flat roof in need of repair. A roofer that specializes in roof repair can help you by providing you with expert analysis and a solution for your problematic situation. The roofer will provide you with steps to take in writing that will resolve your roofing problems.

Keeping the weather out of your home is a priority and you take risks when you neglect to have your roof inspected for damage regularly. Since our roof repair estimates are always free, our roofing company provides you with a free roof damage inspection service. Call Aquashield Roofing to get a roof repair estimate or roof damage inspection that will provide you with peace of mind. Aquashield Roofing is your preferred roofing contractor.


Flat roofs are usually always problematic and require regular maintenance to ensure proper drainage. Leaves and debris must be cleared from all drains or drain scuppers. A flat roof that holds a significant amount of water will not last to its potential lifespan. A flat roof must be clean and dry before it can be repaired.


Roofing shingles have their limits when it comes to durability. Extremely high winds blowing in the right direction can rip your average roofing shingle. After a vicious storm, many roofs require shingle roof repairs. We try to match the color of your shingles to repair your roof so your roof looks normal.


Slate roof repairs can be very difficult in some cases. Slate tile is very tedious to work with and with the time and labor involved slate tile repairs can get expensive. Slate lasts for a very long time. Most of the time it is just the fasteners and vapor barrier underneath the slate that gets worn out as time passes by. We can handle imitation slate repairs as well as real slate repairs.


GAF makes quality roofing products that are installed on millions of homes throughout the country. GAF is the best brand in the roofing industry and they stand behind all of their products. GAF shingle roofing will make your home impervious to water and moisture while also providing you with peace of mind. GAF roofing shingles will beautify your home with everlasting curb appeal. GAF roofing shingles are a top of the line product. GAF roofing shingles are far superior to any other shingles in the roofing industry.

GAF roofing materials made to perform and last. GAF provides many options including Timberline Shingles with algae resistance. GAF shingles are the number one choice of consumers.


GAF Cobra ridge-vent removes moisture from your attic that can cause mold. It also removes heat build-up that can cause plywood delamination and cause your shingles to wear out prematurely.


Breathable Deck Armor underlayment combines strength and breathability to help protect your home against wind-driven rain and trapped moisture. GAF has many underlayment options.


GAF starter strips improve wind resistance by sealing the edges of your roofing system. Starter strips help to eliminates waste and they are highly recommended as they improve the durability of your roof.


Ice and WaterShield membrane is mainly designed to snow and ice but in our area, it is used in vulnerable areas such as valleys, skylights, rakes, or any other flashing areas. It helps protect against driving rain.


Hip and Ridge cap is an upgrade from the standard GAF Seal-A-Ridge cap. Hip and Ridge cap is much thicker and it can stand up to very high winds. GAF Hip and Ridge cap shingles are only available in certain colors.


Sometimes a roof can be beyond the point where it can be repaired which could be caused by different reasons. A roof may have reached the end of its life or the roof may have been originally installed improperly. The roof may have extensive storm damage from a few years ago and the roof damage was only recently discovered. Whatever the case may be you may have to start looking for a roofing service provider that can guide you into a step by step process that will require you to consider using new roof replacement services to resolve your roofing problems. Many companies provide homeowners with new roof replacement services. Not all roofing service providers near you are the same.

The estimates that you receive for roof replacements services on your home can vary on a drastic scale. Some new roof replacement service providers may want to charge you a price that is thousands of dollars higher than some of their competitors. Also, some of the methods or materials that are implemented by roofing service providers can vary. Even the advice that you receive about your roof can be a variable factor. You want to do plenty of research and educate yourself before hiring a contractor that offers new roof replacement or any roofing service in general. New roof replacement services are the last resort to solve major ongoing issues that you have with your existing roof. A new roof replacement is a considerable investment and you must carefully choose the right company that will provide you with quality roofing services for your property. If your new roof replacement goes well then your home will be protected from the elements for a decade or two. A new roof will create a strong sense of peace knowing that you have a fresh new roof installed in addition to a good warranty.

A good local roofing contractor will ensure that the latest roofing products are used to upgrade your roof and install your roofing system correctly so that it will withstand any form of external damage from severe weather. While it is best to get roof estimates from several different roofing contractors, Aquashield Roofing will provide you with the best advice and the most reasonable price. Aquashield Roofing is a fair and honest roofing contractor that you can trust for your roofing project.


Fibered Aluminum Roof Coating is actually one of the best roof coatings systems in the roofing industry. Aluminum coating has gotten a bad name over the years from roofers either not stirring the buckets up properly or from roofing contractors not applying the fibered aluminum roof coating correctly. While it may be true that you have to recoat with fibered aluminum roof coating every three to five years however fibered aluminum roof coating bonds and seals much better than any elastomeric roof coating system. During the summer months, it is ideal to apply fibered aluminum roof coating to preserve and seal an existing roofing system or to repair a roof section. Fibered aluminum roof coating is durable and if applied using a heavy mil thickness than it will do the job of sealing and protecting the roof project.

A roof coating system helps preserve existing roofing systems by reflecting harmful UV rays from the sun that deteriorate and dry rot roofing membrane systems. Roof coating is also used on metal roofing panels to seal and protect them from rust. Roof coating systems also save a large amount of money for the property owner because it saves them from having to replace their old existing roofing system. Our roofing company applies different types and brand name manufacturers of roof coating systems.

Elastomeric Roof Coating Systems are great because they come with high-quality warranties provided by the elastomeric roof coating product manufacture. Most of the roofing warranties have multiple warranty plans and additional fees for each warranty plan. Many roofing contractors prefer to sell elastomeric roof coating systems rather than a full roof replacement because some of the purchased warranties are as long as twenty years. Also, the roofers must be well trained and sometimes certified by the elastomeric roof coating manufacture for a roofing company to provide roof coating warranties.

Roof coating systems can be used on both commercial and residential low sloped roofing membranes and metal roofs. Many roofing contractors use different types of roof coating systems on flat roof membranes, metal roofs, and roof repairs. However, the roofers may not apply the roof coating systems properly. At Aquashield Roofing Company we are experienced at applying many diverse brands of roof coating systems and even roof paint for metal roofing panels.


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New Roof Services I had my roof replaced by Aquashield Roofing. It looks wonderful and they did a very good job cleaning up all of the trash and ran a magnet to gather up all of the nails. Aquashield Roofing 757-553-5191

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Commercial Flat Roof Replacement Services My flat roof was leaking and all of the plywood rotted. Aquashield came in and replaced everything including some of the framing. They installed a new white rubber roof. Great job! Skylight Repair

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Roofing Services Aquashield repaired a hole in my valley area. The roof is sealed and I no loger have anything to worry about. Roofing Contractor



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