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    In the old days, the most common roof was a slate roof or cedar shake. Both of these roofing materials rely on the underlayment to seal the roof. More or less, slate tile roofing and cedar shake tile roofing are not moisture-proof by themselves. Cedar shakes actually absorb water and expand. Even though both of these roofing products are crude, they are still used to this day. The nail fasteners for these products have improved which has totally changed the lifespan of cedar shakes and slate roofing.

    A man by the name of Henry M. Reynolds created the very first roofing shingle in 1903. He had an idea to cut asphalt-coated roof fabric into individual pieces. He cut the all with a knife using his bare hands. Another man named F.C. Overby contributed to inventing shingles by crushing up slate to a small granular size and then used them with shingles to add weight. This helped to keep them from blowing off. Later, roller-die cutting machines were invented which made it efficient for the mass production of roofing shingles. In the 1970s Owens Corning started using fiberglass to make roofing shingles stronger.

    Nowadays shingle roofing products have a ton of accessories and are available in a multitude of colors. Colors can be easily matched so that your roof does not look bad after a roof repair. There have been many times that I had to take shingles from the back of the house to do a repair and then used mismatched shingles to reinstall on the backside of the roof. Those days are now over with. A roof repair does not have to look ugly anymore.

    Now with architectural shingles being installed on just about every home shingle roof repairs are less common. Architectural shingles have improved and they are much stronger than they were in the old days. If architectural shingles are installed on your residential home then chances are that you will have no roof leaks.

    If you need roof repair services call Aquashield Roofing. We specialize in roof leak repairs. We have many years of experience and developed skills. Call us today for a free roof repair estimate.

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