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Imitation Synthetic Slate Roofing is also known as fake slate is a composite slate roofing tile that is highly durable.
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Real slate roofing tile is heavy and a structure must be built to withstand the weight of a slate roof or it cannot be installed. Slate roofing tile is one of the oldest steep sloped roofing systems.
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Many homeowners choose residential slate roofing tiles in many cases because they live in a historic district where by law the residential property must be preserved.
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Not only are there historic preserVAtion laws to persuade homeowners but they know that slate roofing tile will last a lifetime if the right fasteners and underlayment is used during the installation.
Slate Roofing Company based in the area of Isle of Wight,Virginia
Commercial slate roofing tile in Isle of Wight, Virginia is not uncommon. Many commercial properties still use slate roofing. Commercial buildings such as churches, shopping centers, colleges and schools still use slate roofing.
Slate Roofing Repairs in the city of Isle of Wight,VA
Designer real natural slate roofing tile comes in many different colors, styles and exposer. From small slate to large slate and the exposer of the natural slate roofing tile will vary depending on the size used.
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